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  • Dorks is a Action Strategy Game in development for the iPhone and iPad
Dorks Screenshot

On the shore of the Sapphire Seas lies a magical kingdom, her lands were abound in riches and her people were fair and brave however, This is not there story!

Nearby was a vast stretch of swamp land so vast and swampy that it can be smelt for miles around, even in the very heart of the kingdom! The stench is considered to be the second foulest smell in the know world. The worst, as it has been unanimously agreed by all civilised races, belong to the orks who live there.

Fierce, Warlike and utterly lacking in any sense of hygiene, the orks live in small tribes that are constantly at war. But that will soon change, for now a massive army is encroaching on their lands.

The orks will have to fight for their very survival!

  • Release Date

Dorks is an up and coming game for iOS that is currently in development and a release date will be announced some time in the near future!

  • Demo Download

The demo is coming soon!